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95 Blues Berry Way / Черника

We are a Russian-American rock band created in 2000 by singer-songwriter Eugene Borovikov and his talented friends who happened to live along the road I-95, hence the name. We strive to write and perform songs with nice music and meaningful lyrics. We sing mainly in Russian, but are no strangers to songs in English and other languages. Our style can be defined as melodic rock music. Even though we present ourselves as a rock group, we experiment with various music styles, rock-related and not. Our repertoire includes ballads, blues, rock-n-rolls, bossa novas, as well as some jazz, folk, and country pieces.


2012: album Formula 2010: album "a talk with an old friend" 2005: album "Time of White Pictures"


26 March, 2017 @ 5pm: Ellicott City, MD
Eugene Borovikov joins Sergei Shalatsky and Sergei Sukharev in an acoustic performance celebrating Eugene Klyachkin.

3 February, 2017: Ellicott City, MD
Eugene Borovikov opens acoustic performance by Alexei Vdovin.
21 January, 2017: ABS, Alexandria, VA
Eugene Borovikov (bayan) participates in the American Balalaika Symphony orchestra's Winter concert.
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